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Spinvis & Introdans: jou zijn

music video

Video afspelen

In collaboration with dance company Introdans, Dutch pop musician Spinvis made the theatre and dance production Four Stories and a Day. In a constantly changing setting, four musicians and twelve dancers discover the limits of safety and freedom in Four Stories and a Day. They build walls, watch each other with cameras, escape, find a place to be alone, and constantly create a new world. When everything falls apart, one thing remains: the unpredictability of love.

From this production Spinvis released his single: Jou Zijn (Being You). With moving mirrors on stage, the dancers are confronted with themselves and the way they look at others. 

directed by Karim Ouri
release year 2019, language Dutch
music by Spinvis
, choreography by Adriaan Lutijn and Marlena Wolfe, Introdans
produced by Excelsior Recordings, Spinvis.