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double trouble: it’s a demo

music video

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A scratching DJ, two records with a breakbeat and a rocking M.C. According to Double Trouble, that’s all you ever need to make a great hip-hop track. Inspired by Kool G Rap’s demo of 1989, this Dutch hip hop duo went into the studio to produce a demo of their own. And just as the song was made with predominatly analogue studio equipment, this music video was shot in a similar way.

Shot on black & white super 8 film, this video pays homage to the rap videos of old. Following the pressing of the actual demo in a Vinyl pressing plant, the record finds the hands of a freerunner/b-boy, who then delivers it to the played, scratched and celebrated.

directed and edited by Karim Ouri
release year 2020, starring Double Trouble and Karham Farhat
shot on kodak tri-x 7266, developed and scanned by Super8 Reversal Lab
thank you Deepgrooves Vinyl Pressing Plant