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Diaspora is a visually compelling short film that explores the profound history of african diaspora through the art of poetry and dance. Through authentic voice-over narration, writer Cissy Joan lends her powerful words to inspire and guide two dancers who translate the poem into a choreographic and sensory journey. ik ben een kind van de Diaspora Ik ben een kind van een volk verspreid over de Wereld Ik ben een kind van grenzeloze liefde en ik ben daar trots op In the film, the poem is translated and voiced in Dutch, Sranan, Papiamentu and English, by speakers for whom this is their own language. These diverse voices form echoes of the original poem in Dutch, making the words echo in languages where the history and theme of Diaspora is also expressed in language. Each word becomes a stimulus for the dancers to fuel their expressions of struggle, resilience and unity.